Umstead Mascot 2024

The 21st Annual

Umstead Trail Marathon

March 1, 2025


William B. Umstead State Park
Raleigh, NC


Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the course?

The course is all on trails, single track/hiking and bike/bridle trails.

The single track portion totals approximately five miles and is early in the race. The single track section is full of roots and rocks and can be difficult footing. We cannot have more single track in the race because most of the single track is too remote to rapidly get an injured person to safety.

The bridle trails are wide and covered with a pea-gravel type of rock. The surface is very nice for running.

The course is very hilly.

Is this a cupless race?

Yes. We are trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Please bring a water bottle, hydration pack, or some other means to provide yourself with hydration

If the race is cancelled, do I get my money back ?

If the race is cancelled, there are no refunds. Many expenses are incurred up front, making it challenging to provide reimbursement if the race does not occur (even partial ones). Please keep in mind the race is held inside of a NC State Park. We partner closely with them to ensure the safety of the runners as well as to protect and preserve the resources of the park.

Is this a Boston Qualifier race?

No, the course is not certified. The course is accurately measured for a trail race.

To what charity do the race profits go?

A good portion of the profits from the Umstead Trail Marathon go directly to Umstead State Park

What is the refund policy due to inclement weather

Refunds are not given if the race is cancelled due to inclement weather. This includes the park not being in suitable conditions, or at the discretion of the Umstead Park rangers or Umstead Park superintendent

Are iPODS, headphones, etc permitted during the race?

Headphones are strongly discouraged or safety and liability reasons. 

Are there mile markers on the course?

Yes, there is a marker at every mile.

Where are Aid Stations located and what nutrition will be provided at each station?

Aid stations range from 2 to 3.7 miles away from each other.

The approximate locations are 3.5, 5.5, 8.2, 10, 13.1, 14.8, 16.6, 19.7, 21.5, 24.1.

The 3.5/8.2 station moves to 21.5 and 24.1.

Aid stations will have water, energy drink, energy gels, as well as some food (fruits, salty snacks, sweet snacks) and coke. 

What if I get injured and need first aid on the course?

EMS will be at the race HQ at the lodge at Camp Lapihio. Mobile EMTs will be on bikes on the course. We will also have first aid supplies at aid stations and with some of the bikers. There will be personnel at aid stations with phones to call for emergency assistance, if needed. If you get injured, please contact a volunteer for help. The roving and stationary course monitors will also have phones. Remember that since the race is on trails, it may take some time to get the help to you.

What are the refund and/or transfer policies? What about if I am injured?

No refunds will be issued for the 2024 Umstead Marathon

Is there a waiting list since the race is full? Why is the maximum number so low?

There is no waiting list for the race. 

What are the race cutoff times?

The total time cutoff for the race is 6 hours. Intermediate cutoff times will also be enforced.

  • 9.6 miles at Sycamore Camp Aid Station Cut off = 11:15am
  • 12 mile Gralyn Aid Station Cut off = 11:45am
  • 18.1 miles Trenton Aid Station Cut off = 1:00pm
  • 21.5 miles Cedar Ridge Aid Station Cut off = 1:50pm

What if I can't finish the race and need to drop out in the middle?

PLEASE TELL A VOLUNTEER. We need to keep track of who has started the race, who has finished and who has dropped out so we know when all racers are off the course. It's difficult to get lost on this course but it could happen. Please tell a volunteer that you need to drop out, give him/her your race bib, and ask for the best path back to the start. Keep in mind that the best way back is most likely going to be to follow the marathon signs. There are not many short-cuts and there is no transportation available within the park, so please be trained enough to complete this challenging marathon.

When and where can spectators show up to see the start and/or finish? Are spectators allowed on the course?

Spectators are allowed to ride with you to your assigned parking lot, but if they take the vehicle out of the lot, then upon their return to get you, they must park at Camp Crabtree, meaning you will have to walk up to a mile (or more) to get to your car after the race.

If your spectators come at a later time, they are to park at Camp Crabtree and walk the mile (or more) to get to the finish line. They must be able to walk that mile (or more) again (up hill) to get back to their car.

Spectators may park at any of the official Umstead parking areas and run, walk, or ride in the park to see the marathon. (Remember there are no bikes allowed on the single track/hiking trails. They are only allowed on the wide bike/bridle trails).

What food will be offered post race and can my family eat too?

The food offered after the race will be Guasaca arepas

Is there a pre race dinner and/or runner expo the night before?


Is beer served after the race and/or can I bring my own?

No, and no. Umstead State Park does not allow alcohol on the premises.

What do I get for finishing the race? What if I place or win?

Each finisher receives a custom pint glass. Medals are not provided. The top 15 finishers (both male and female) will receive a custom, handmade wooden plaque.

Some of our sponsors have also graciously provided some fantastic door prizes. These will be handed out randomly as runners are finishing.

Where are the nearest hotel accommodations?

Where can I drop my pre-post race clothes?

You may leave your pre-race clothes at the lodge. Please be aware that this lodge is not locked, so the use of the facility is at your own risk. Please do not forget your clothes after the race.

When and where is Packet Pick-up?

Packet Pick-up will be held at the following two locations and times:

  • Friday March 1st 4pm to 7pm at Great Outdoor Provision Company (Cameron Village shopping center off of Oberlin Avenue in Raleigh)
  • Saturday March 2nd, 7:40am to 8:40am at Camp Lapihio in the lodge.
    • Arrive to the Umstead Park 70 entrance between 7:30 and 8:30...with the 10 - 15 minute drive to get to the lodge, that makes your packet pick up between 7:40 and 8:45
    • PLEASE do NOT arrive to the park entrance before 7:30 am
    • PLEASE DO arrive to the park entrance before 8:30 am

Where is Race Check-in on the day of race?

Check in at the lodge at Camp Lapihio. Please check in even if you picked up your packet Friday night. We need to account for every runner who starts the race.

How do I get to the race site?

Access the start/finish area from the Umstead State Park entrance off of Hwy. 70.

From I-40, turn northeast on I-540 and take the US 70 exit towards Raleigh. You do not have to travel very far on 70 to get to the park which will be on your right. Turn right onto Umstead Parkway (into Umstead Park). Pass the Visitor Center on your right. Turn left onto Maintenance Rd. Turn right onto Group Camp Road (this is a dirt road). Group Camp road is long and will eventually ascend to a T. You will see Parking Volunteers at this T. Turn left at the T and depending on your parking assignment, either head left into Camp Crabtree or continue straight into Camp Lapihio. You will be assigned a parking lot prior to the race. Please remember your lot name so that the Parking Volunteers can direct you to it quickly and/or so that you can follow the signs to it. Here is a map.

When should I arrive on race morning?

DO NOT show up to the Park entrance at Hwy 70 any earlier than 7:30. We need time to get our parking volunteers in place before you show up. Please DO try to be parked by 8:30AM at the latest. The drive to the Race Headquarters (once inside the park) can take 10-15 minutes.

Is there a lost and found?

Yes, in the Race Headquarters (Camp Lapihio Lodge).

What is the typical early March weather in Raleigh?

Typical: 50s. Possible: 30s to 80s.

Can I buy an extra race shirt?

Yes, please see one of the Registration volunteers at the Race Headquarters, or send an email to: after the race.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

The race committee at: